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Terry McClymont Photo

Terry McClymont

Captain: Airbus A320

Terry has worked in many different training positions with various air carriers throughout his career. His background includes CRM facilitator, Manager of Training Programs AQP (Advance Qualification Program), Coordinator for New Hire Pilot training and Quality Assurance.

Flying background - northern Canada, regional and major airline - training captain including simulator and line training.

Dominique Tyrrell Photo

Dominique Tyrrell

Captain: Airbus A320

Dominique has been very involved in both ground and flight training. He assumed the role of facilitator and development for CRM and Advance Qualification Programs (AQP). He has also been involved in instructor, evaluator command training courses for a major airline.

Flying background – Northwestern Ontario, regional and major airline - Training captain including simulator and line training.

Nathan Fredrickson Photo

Nathan Fredrickson

First Officer: Embraer 190

Nathan is a commercial airline pilot that has also been actively involved in the development and facilitation of flight operations training programs within the Canadian aviation industry. He also has an extensive background in commercial flight instruction and instructional techniques. Nathan has facilitated and designed CRM workshops for many organizations within the aviation industry.

Flying background – Northern Canada including the Arctic regions flying for float and ski operators as well as air ambulance. Has also flown in corporate operations and currently for a major airline.

Instructors/Subject matter experts
Garry Perkins Photo

Garry Perkins

Captain: Airbus A320

Garry has training experience in both ground and flight operations at regional and major airlines. He has facilitated CRM programs to new hire pilots as well as Instructional Techniques Workshops to company instructors. He has participated in instructing annual recurrent training and introduction to command programs. He also has extensive background in training both Captains and First Officers in line flying operations.

Flying background- Northern Canada, high Arctic and Maritime regions for regional carriers. Domestic and overseas operations for a major airline as well as a training Captain.

Mike Carroll Photo

Mike Carroll

Mike is Currently flying the B767. Previous types include A319/320/321/33/340 /DC3/9/ B737 /Dash 8, with 22,000+ hours worldwide.

Mike has been a check pilot A and B and taught Advance Qualification Program, Crew and Aero Medical Resource Management and has also held a Class 1 civil instructor ticket. Also Flew floats, crop dusted, ferried multiple aircraft.

Garry Perkins Photo

David Visagie

First Officer: Embraer 190

David has been involved in many areas of aviation training. His flight training background includes ab-initio flight training and ground schools, aircraft technical ground schools, full-flight simulator training and checking and classroom instruction within a college program.

David’s background also includes the development and facilitation of CRM and Threat & Error Management programs included with Pilot Indoctrination Training, Annual Recurrent Training, Introduction to Command training and Instructor training.

Flying background - Flight training, cargo, regional and major airline.

Patrick Photo

Patrick Nolan

Patrick has been a paramedic with a municipal land based EMS system for 21 years, where he currently enjoys an active role in field operations.

Education, mentoring and training for paramedics comprise a part of his job, and he has worked at the EMS Academy, as well as Communications.

Patrick also has experience in fixed wing air ambulance in the North

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